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Lynnette's Ladies (Wednesday, 7:00. female only,) Three Eye (Thursday, 7:00, mixed gender,) or both?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I’m not a good bowler?
A: Every bowler gets a handicap, which is a number of pins they are given based on their average to even out the playing field. For example, a bowler with an average of 93 would be given 85 extra points each game, whereas a bowler with an average of 189 would only get 8 extra points. Whether you’re our best bowler or worst bowler, you’ll have a lot of fun!
Q: How much does league cost?
A: A one time sign up fee of $18 for your USBC membership, and then $15 weekly to cover bowling, the prize fund, and league secretary and treasurer.
Q: How long does league run?
A: Lynnette’s Ladies is 28 weeks, Three Eye is 27. It runs Sept through April, with major holidays off (and likely some snow days.)
Q: How many people are on a team?
A: Lynnette’s Ladies teams have 3, and Three Eye teams have 5. You can have extra people if you want to rotate bowlers each week though.
Q: Can anybody join league?
A: Anybody 19 and older can join league! Lynnette’s Ladies is exclusively for females, but Three Eye is open to both males and females.
Q: What if I can’t bowl each week?
A: Leagues have substitutes in case a bowler can’t make it a certain week, otherwise some teams opt to have more people on their roster than can bowl each week that way they can rotate between players so everyone gets a week off here and there. If neither option works, you can take a dummy score, which is 10 pins below your average each game. The weekly cost still must be paid if a dummy score is used, however.
Q: Do I need my own bowling shoes and bowling ball?
A: Absolutely not! We don’t charge our league members to use rental shoes, and all of our house balls are available and meet the requirements for use during league.
Q: Do you have lockers I can store my bowling equipment in?
A: Yes! For $10 you can rent one of our lockers for the season. The lockers all come with a padlock and two keys. They fit 2 bowling balls and shoes, plus any ball cleaner, hand powder, braces, or whatever else you need. Rental shoes and house balls cannot be kept in these lockers, however.
Q: Will you be adding any new leagues?
A: Hopefully in the future we can add some more leagues, including a kids’ league! However, that will be further down the line when we have more staffing and available time slots. Definitely let us know if there’s interest for any certain day or type so we can plan ahead!